Froggy Friends

4,444 friendly frogs spreading positivity and kindness, originating on the Ethereum blockchain.

Introducing Hibernation

Hibernation is the first moment in history where you can stake a ERC721 (Froggy Friend) to earn ERC404 ($TADPOLE).

On March 18, our two year anniversary, hibernation launched for Froggy Friends holders to choose hibernating for 30, 60, or 90 days.

The number of frogs you own and length of hibernation will determine your $TADPOLE staking rewards.

Hibernation Boosts

Froggy Friends ecosystem NFTs will serve as hibernation boosts including the Golden Lily Pad, One Year Anniversary Holder soulbound token, Froggy Minter soulbound token and the Tadpole soulbound token.



Froggy Friends is building a brand via gifs. We have generated over 20 million views on Giphy, sharing the cute and adorable froggy IP across the globe. Our business model is centered on gifs and using product placement via gifs to create IP licensing opportunities for our holders. Growing our giphy is setting the foundation for this new way of doing business.

Froggy Friends Gifs on giphy logo


Tadpoles are the official ERC404 collection of Froggy Friends. Froggy Friends is the first established NFT brand to launch an ERC404 collection.

Contract Address: 0xecd48f326e70388d993694de59b4542ce8af7649

The Pond

The pond is home to the Froggy Friends brand and has a community of passionate individuals who believe in the mission of Froggy Friends to spread positivity and kindness.

The pond consists of talented community members in art, engineering, fashion, business and many other industries.

Froggy Network

Froggy Companions

Froggy Friends pioneered the first omni-metadata that allows frogs to pair with a companion that provides a staking boost.

Our genesis friend collection features six adorable companions to pair with your frog: Rabbit, Red Panda, Bear, Cat, Unicorn and Golden Tiger.


Froggy Seasons

Froggy Friends hosts seasons where new trait bundles are posted for sale on the Froggy Shop. Holders can purchase seasonal traits using $RIBBIT tokens they earn by staking.

Froggy Traits that are purchased during seasonal drops can be applied to frogs in the Froggy Studio. You can choose to preview your trait upgrade in our very own Build-A-Frog factory.

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